Paul McCartney Sheds Light On New ‘McCartney III’ Album And Upcoming Beatles Doc


Paul McCartney spoke about his latest one-man-band sessions which are featured on the soon-to-be released McCartney III album — as well as giving a sneak peak into the Beatles' upcoming Let It Be documentary.

During a chat with BBC radio, "Macca" explained that initially during the pandemic, he had hit the studio to wrap up some incidental film music he was working on — but those sessions slowly evolved into the new one-man-band album: ["For the next nine weeks I was just messing around, thinking "Ah, it'd be good to finish this one up — or, I could do this one, yeah, that'd be okay.' And just going through them all, never suspecting for a second that this was going to be an album. Most of it's new stuff — there are one or two that I hadn't finished, and because I was able to get in the studio, I thought, 'Well, okay — wait a minute, what about that one?' And then when I'd done 'em all, I sort of looked at them, I was going, 'Is this a new album, or something?' And them it suddenly hit me — 'No, this is McCartney III.'"] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . is McCartney III)

McCartney also talked about Peter Jackson's Get Back movie featuring outtakes from the Beatles' Let It Be film, which is set to hit theaters on August 27th, 2021. McCartney admitted that he was worried the raw footage would find the "Fab Four" at their end of their tenure, angry, and exhausted with one another: ["He got back to me and said, 'No — it's a laugh. It's just four guys working — and y'know, you can see you making up songs, and George (Harrison) wonderin' about the lyric to 'Something' in the way she moves' — or me trying to figure out 'Get Back.' And he's shown me little bits and pieces of it and it's great — I love it, I must say, 'cause it's how it was. It just reminds me — even though we had arguments, like any family — that we loved each other, y'know, and it shows in the film. It's a very warm feeling — and it's amazing just being backstage with these people making this music that turned out to be good."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . to be good)

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