Paul McCartney Reveals Tracklist To ‘McCartney III’ Album


Paul McCartney has revealed the tracklist to his upcoming one-man-band solo set, McCartney III. The album — which follows his legendary 1970 McCartney album and its thematic 1980 thematic followup, McCartney II — is set for release on December 11th.

The tracklisting to 'McCartney III' is:

"Long Tailed Winter Bird"
"Find My Way"
"Pretty Boys"
"Women and Wives"
"Lavatory Lil'"
"Deep Deep Feeling"
"The Kiss Of Venus"
"Seize The Day
"Deep Down
"Winter Bird/When Winter Comes"

With so much musical ground covered over the past seven decades, Paul McCartney admitted that these days he has no problem tipping his hat to some of his poppier works from the '70s and '80s: ["I think what happens nowadays more than it might have in the past was I'm not trying to avoid any styles that I used in the past. What I would normally do is, 'Oh, no, I've done that.' Y'know, 'I've done that sort of string quartet thing, therefore I should never do it again.' But it didn't bother me after 'Yesterday' to kind of do a stringy thing on 'Eleanor Rigby.'"] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . on 'Eleanor Rigby')

Paul McCartney Doesn’t Worry About Copying Himself :