Paul McCartney Posts ‘Farm-Themed’ Spotify Playlist


Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 10-song Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney posts a new tracklisting with a specific theme — with April spotlighting some of "Macca's" favorite farm-themed songs he's tackled over the decades.

The playlist's announcement reads:

New month, new season, new music! As spring begins to bloom the English countryside becomes full of baby lambs, spring chickens and crops beginning to grow. So, to celebrate the announcement of the Ram 50th Anniversary re-issue and the changing of the seasons, we are going to the "Heart Of The Country' with our farm-life inspired playlist.

Paul’s regular "Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket" Spotify playlist has gone back to basics, with April’s edition featuring songs that celebrate the farm life.  It’s a well-known fact that Ram was the result of Paul embracing farming in Scotland, but Paul's sheep-shearing, tractor-riding days inspired songs throughout his career — even in McCartney III.

In the 2000 documentary Wingspan, McCartney was interviewed by daughter Mary, and shed light on the purpose of his Scottish Rude Studios: ["Up at the farm, I'd had a little four-track studio put in there. So, I was able to demo and experiment and make bits and pieces of music."] SOUNDCUE (:10 OC: . . . pieces of music)

McCartney recalled he and wife Linda hitting Rude to develop new material for Wings: ["We'd make sure everybody was fed, happy, and asleep, tuck ya into bed, then we'd come out here and do bit of jamming, bit of playing, sometimes a bit of writing."] SOUNDCUE (:08 OC: . . . bit of writing)

Paul McCartney's "Country" Spotify playlist for April 2021:

"Winter Bird / When Winter Comes" – McCartney III – 2020
"Junior's Farm" – Single – 1974
"Golden Earth Girl" – Off The Ground – 1993
"Heart Of The Country" – Ram – 1971
"Country Dreamer" – B-side -1973
"Little Lamb Dragonfly" – Red Rose Speedway – 1973
"Calico Skies (Acoustic)" – Flaming Pie box set – 1995
"Waterfalls" – McCartney II – 1980
"See Your Sunshine" – Memory Almost Full – 2007
"Wild Life" – Wild Life – 1971

Paul McCartney On Recording On Scottish Farm :

Paul McCartney On Rude Studios :