Paul McCartney Posts ‘Experimental’ Spotify Playlist


As a taster for his upcoming McCartney III set coming on December 11th, Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 9-song Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney posts a new tracklisting with a specific theme — with November spotlighting "experimental" songs from his 1970 McCartney and 1980 McCartney II one-man-band collections.

The announcement reads:

From the synth-laden 'Temporary Secretary’ and dance-heavy remixes on Twin Freaks, to playing wine glasses on 'Hot As Sun/ Glasses', Paul is always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new sounds and genres.

With a new "McCartney" album on the horizon, you never know what tricks might be up Paul's sleeve, so for this month's playlist we’re counting down to December 11th with a McCartney III takeover.

Take a trip through some of the more avant-garde tracks in the “McCartney” album series and let us know what your favourite track from this month’s playlist in the comments.

Paul McCartney explained that over the years, the original McCartney album — which was recorded partially at home — has become known as rock's first "indie" album: ["It has got a sort of 'indie' thing. Y'know, its now what would be called an 'indie' thing. To me, then, it was just for me, knockin' around experimentin' with some sounds and not worrying how it was gonna turn out. I think that was one of the secrets. With this stuff it was like, I wasn't really doing it with anything in mind; it was only when I had a bunch of the songs together and people started to say, 'Well, that's your new album, is it?' 'I said, Well, not. . . no. . .' 'Well, it sounds like it.' And I was persuaded."] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . I was persuaded)

McCartney recalled how a decade later, the offbeat, yet groundbreaking, McCartney II project happened almost by accident: ["What happened was, originally I just went into the studio to have a mess around. 'Cause I was fed up of formally making records, y'know, going in and doing it all properly. I wanted to just hire a machine — which I did, I hired a 16-track machine and put a microphone into the back, so it's a very primitive way of doing it, and you bypass the mixing console. And I wanted to just go in for, like, about two weeks and just have a mess around and definitely not do anything for a new album, and definitely not try to do anything properly, and definitely experiment with anything."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . experiment with anything)

Paul McCartney's "Experimental" Spotify playlist for November:

"Temporary Secretary"
"Hot As Sun / Glasses"
"Frozen Jap"
"Coming Up" – '04 Summer Tour Remix
"Bogey Music"
"Darkroom" – '04 Summer Tour Remix
"Maybe I'm Amazed" – '04 Summer Tour Remix

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