Paul McCartney has posted a new behind-the-scenes clip for his animated video for the McCartney III closer, "When Winter Comes." The tune — which was recorded back in 1992 with then late-George Martin — is featured in a clip spotlighting a couple's life on a farm, and was designed and directed by McCartney's longtime collaborator Geoff Dunbar along with principle animator, Nicolette van Gendt.

Paul McCartney, who has produced several animated featurettes over the years — including 1984's Rupert And The Frog Song and 1997's Tropic Island Hum — told us that he personally prefers the old-fashioned way of creating cartoons: ["I always have been in love with the sort of hand drawn thing. What we do nowadays, is we actually combine computer technology but I still like that old look I still think it's a very artistic look. I actually prefer it to the completely computer look."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC. . . completely computer look)

"When Winter Comes" was regarded an instant McCartney classic upon the release of McCartney III last December. During a recent chat with Apple Music, "Macca" shed light on his songwriting process: ["It's a great feeling. Y'know, people say, 'When do you write,' and stuff. And I kinda say, 'Well, it's when I've got time — when there's just nothing to do today or this afternoon, and I'm in the mood. So, I will pick up a guitar and think, 'I've got time. I could write a song."] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . write a song)

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