Nils Lofgren Still Buzzing On Finally Recording Live In Studio With The E Street Band


It took a seemingly endless 35 years, but Nils Lofgren can finally say he's finally recorded a full studio album with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Although Lofgren joined up just prior to the tour behind 1984's Born In The U.S.A., barring the tracks used for the 1996 Blood Brothers project — Lofgren has always laid down his guitar and vocal parts as an overdub.

"The Boss'" 2020 Letter To You collection marks the first time Lofgren has been sweating it out in the studio, take-after-take, with his beloved bandmates. He shed light on the last batch of Springsteen sessions: ["Starting on The Rising, and then Magic, and Working On A Dream, we made these great records, but y’know, we weren’t all there at the same exact time. He cut the bed tracks with Max (Weinberg), and Roy (Bittan), and Garry (Tallent), and then we’d all go down for three-to-five days, hang out and put parts on. Sometime Patti (Scialfa) and Soozie (Tyrell) would be there, singin' with me, whatever. And (this time) we had a great week in New Jersey, and got to the point where Bruce was, like, 'Man, I think we got a record. I don’t even know if we gotta get back together to track anything, 'cause we did so great.' And sure enough — the record and the film came out and it was a real blessing."] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . a real blessing)

Nils Lofgren On ‘Letter To You’ Sessions :