Nils Lofgren believes that Bruce Springsteen's recent DUI arrest was politically motivated. Back in February, federal prosecutors dropped charges that Bruce Springsteen was "operating a vehicle under the influence and driving recklessly" last November at New Jersey's Sandy Hook National Recreation Area. "The Boss" pleaded guilty to charges he "imbibed alcohol despite knowing it was prohibited." Springsteen was sentenced to pay a $500 fine plus $40 in court fees

In a new chart with The Asbury Park Press, E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren said he believes the whole affair had more to do with a political divide than public safety, revealing, "My gut tells me it was a set-up and a vendetta, maybe by a police officer who has maybe a different political point of view. Bruce was under the legal limit anyway, and it seems like that all finally came out and he got let off."

Lofgren went on to say, "All I can think of is that it was a vendetta and that’s just an opinion. I’m sorry it happened and glad he got through it fine."