The latest trailer for the HBO Tina Turner documentary, TINA, has been released spotlighting the rock legend's tumultuous — yet ultimately victorious — life and career. In the new clip, Turner explains, "I had an abusive life. There's no other way to tell the story. . . The divorce, I got nothing. No money, no house. So I said, 'I'll just take my name.'" She goes on to recall how she was driven to become the first black rock performer to fill arenas.

TINA, will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on March 27th.

Tina Turner spoke candidly about the violence that plagued her marriage to the late-Ike Turner: ["When I decided, 'I'm not doing this anymore,' then that was the first time that I had a real beating — with a shoe stretcher. And then I was afraid — I was ashamed and afraid for many years after that."] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . years after that.)

Legendary photographer Norman Seeff recalled to us one of his more memorable shoots featuring the great Tina Turner: ["Tina Turner walked in and she stepped up on — we built a little stage — and within one second, I said to her. . . and I'm playing her music, y'know — 'Would you like the music louder?' And she's saying, 'No, fine!' And she starts to sing and it's the Tina Turner delivery. And the whole session became, 'Can I keep up with the power of this woman?' And the thing about shooting is that you ride that wave. You ride that current emotionally. And there are moments when, y'know, there's like a peak in energy, it's like a waveform. And I was firing and firing and firing."] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . . firing and firing)

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