Sadly, a true Van Halen reunion can never happen with the recent death of the great Eddie Van Halen  — but bassist Michael Anthony is open to jam with David Lee Roth. Blabbermouth transcribed some of Anthony's recent chat on The Jeremy White Podcast, where he spoke about the possibility, explaining, "When he did his residency stuff in Las Vegas out here — 'cause it turned out I couldn't it anyway; I think we had something going on with the Circle — but I was actually going to show up and see about going up on stage and jamming with Dave."

Michael Anthony, who was forced out of Van Halen and replaced by Eddie's son, Wolfgang Van Halen for the band's reunion tours and sessions said, "I've got no beef with any of the guys about any of that stuff. At this point in the career and my life, it's, like, hey, I'll play it all. I'm sure if it came up, if it was the right situation, let it happen."

Although towards the end of his and Van Halen's second-go-'round, David Lee Roth was publicly hinting about the need for Anthony's return to the fold, during Van Halen's August 2007 press conference announcing their reunion tour, Roth skirted over the issue of why a then-16 year old kid was playing bass instead of Anthony: ["Michael Anthony is part of this band's history. There's a lot of great alumni who have been through this band. I'm shocked that any of us are still vertical after 30 years. And as far as why Wolf is in the band, may I speak for you, Ed? I understand how he wanted to play with the boy because he's amazing."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . because he's amazing)


Sammy Hagar & The Circle have just unveiled their latest "lockdown" collaboration, a cover of the Robert Palmer favorite, "Bad Case Of Loving You."

The "Red Rocker" posted on social media: "I always loved this song written and recorded by Moon Martin, and taken to the top by the one and only Mr. Robert Palmer. As we continue our @ Home Sessions, we hope be able to bring it to you live in 2021 #FingersCrossed #DoctorOrders #TheCure #LiveRockAndRoll."

Van Halen’s David Lee Roth On Michael Anthony’s Absence :