Never-before-seen Super-8 footage of the Rolling Stones from July 22nd, 1972 has just popped up online. The clip, which features dubbed stereo audience sound, includes two songs — "Bitch" and "Midnight Rambler" captured at Pittsburgh's Civic Arena.

During a 1973 press conference, Mick Jagger reflected on hos the band's crowd had changed over their decade on the road: ["When we first started they used to just clap. Then we got into the cream period, uh, which was in a way very enjoyable, but it got rather boring 'cause you couldn't play, so then we gave up the stage for two years. You get a lot od adrenalin buzz, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . adrenalin buzz y'know)

Mick Jagger On Audiences Through The Years :