Keith Richards Releases New Video To Promote ‘Record Store Day’ Releases


In advance of Saturday's (October 24th) Record Store Day vinyl reissue of Keith Richards' 1992 Main Offender album, a new video has been produced for the album's track, "Hate It When You Leave." Also set for release this weekend is a new red-single release of "Hate It When You Leave" backed by a cover of the Big Bill Broonzy standard, "Key To The Highway," which was released at the time as a Japanese bonus track.

Main Offender, Richards' critically acclaimed second studio set, was released on October 16th, 1992 but despite the good notices, stalled out at Number 99.

The new video was directed by Richards' son-in-law, Jacques Naudé, who's married to Alexandra Richards. Keith makes a cameo at the tail end putting flowers in a vase. He spoke about the clip to Rolling Stone, saying, "'Hate It When You Leave' is something for your ears and eyes and for your hearts!"

Not too long ago, Keith Richards shed light on the difference from an avid music fan and a working musician: ["Once you become a musician, you kind of give up one thing, which is just the sheer innocence of listening to music, without bothering to know how it's done, or even bothering to figure out why. Just the sheer innocence of just listening to music. And that's what musicians tend to forget. Because, once you're into music, you're always trying to figure out what the cat's playing. So, it becomes, like, you're distracted in a way. Here's to all the listeners, y'know, that don't have to bother about knowing (laughs) this stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . knowing (laughs) this stuff)

Keith Richards On Listening To Music :