John Mellencamp previewed the first taste of his upcoming album due out later in 2021. A message was posted on his official website reading, "Mellencamp will soon return to the studio to finish recording his 25th album. Prior to the onset of the global pandemic, he has already cut 10 tracks and plans to record another 17 for the project." The site has a link to the new tune, a dark ballad titled, "I Always Lie To Strangers."

Also premiered is the trailer to Mellencamp's new concert film project, titled, The Good Samaratan Tour. The post reads, "John Mellencamp announces he's set to unveil his new live album and documentary titled The Good Samaritan Tour this spring. The documentary, which will be narrated by Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, chronicles Mellencamp's historic free tour in 2000 when he performed on street corners and in public parks across the country."

Mellencamp's site also states the singer/songwriter is hoping to tour in 2022, "but that all depends on the pandemic and our ability to recover from it." He's also planning to resume production on "an untitled original play directed by Kathleen Marshall, produced by Scott Landis, and written by Naomi Wallace."

John Mellencamp admitted to us that he's realistic these days as to why he writes and releases new music: ["I've come to the conclusion that any record that I put out now, is really just a calling card. I don't really anticipate sellin' a bunch of 'em, because people don't buy 'em anymore! They're calling cards to let people know that I'm still writing songs, and I'm still current and I'm not an oldies act and I will never be and oldies act and there won't be any 'Happy Together' tour for John Mellencamp."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . for John Mellencamp)

John Mellencamp On The State Of His Career :