John Fogerty’s Sons Releasing Debut Set Next Month


Shane and Tyler Fogerty, the sons of rock legend John Fogerty, will release their band Hearty Har's debut album, Radio Astro on February 19th via the BMG imprint. The pair are part of their dad's touring band and his quarantine studio group Cosmo's Factory along with kid sister Kelsy.

Shane Fogerty, who's now 30, spoke about their how their dad helped them as musicians as they were figuring out how to master their instruments, telling Mojo magazine, "We’d go to him for little tips how to play AC/DC or Green Day. In fact, he became quite a fan of the Offspring for a while because they were my favorite band when I was 13."

29-year-old Tyler explained that their dad told them that if they were serious about becoming musicians — it was an all or nothing decision — not a hobby or a part-time distraction: "We had to make it a life or death thing and along the way people would drift off with a girlfriend or just not be interested. We were, like, 'Yeah, yeah Dad' — but it turned out to be true, so eventually we started listening."

Tyler laughed as he recalled, "There hasn’t been a time yet when we’re recording a song and one person’s not been like, 'Come on, you can’t like this?' I think we maybe have a different relationship than other brothers where we don’t step on each other’s toes too much. We have our disagreements but we’re pretty chill with each other and we really are best friends."

John Fogerty told us he swells with pride when he describes the feeling of soaring through his catalogue night after night with his sons — Shane and Tyler flanking him onstage: ["Y'know, it's great having my two sons up there rockin' out with me. I mean, that's an amazing feeling that I get to have every time I'm playing. It's hard to really express it, but anybody that's a dad knows exactly (laughs) what I'm talkin' about. I'm not sure I ever envisioned this happening and I'm just so blessed that it did."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . that it did)

John Fogerty On Performing With His Sons :