John Fogerty Addresses 2020 In New Single ‘Weeping In The Promised Land’


John Fogerty's new single and accompanying video, "Weeping In The Promised Land," offers up a stark reminder of the devastation and heartbreak Americans faced in 2020, while offering hope for the days to come.

Fogerty said in a statement, "I took a look back at what 2020 has been and tried to get my feelings out about the political climate, Black Lives Matter, Covid and everything else that occurred this year. Friends are dying, we are stuck at home, we are indeed weeping in the promised land."

John Fogerty and his kids — dubbed Fogerty's Factory — have stayed busy during Covid by performing at home and uploading videos to try to put a smile on fans faces. Fogerty explained to us how the whole concept of online performances took shape after a suggestion from his wife: ["When the lockdown came all those months ago, one of the first things that Julie said to me was, 'Well, it'd be great if you recorded 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain,' and then posted it (online).' And I looked at her and kinda scratched my head and I'm goin', 'Why would I wanna do that? There's all kinds of recordings of me doin' that (laughs) song.' And she saw everything a little bit differently than me, I guess. She said, 'Well, I think it would be healing.'"] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC; . . . it would be healing)

John Fogerty On Posting Songs Online During Pandemic :