Joan Jett has partnered with to release the first three archival Blackhearts shows from her vaults. Fans can now purchase and stream Houston, TX – 1983; Columbus, OH – 2015; and Hellfest at Clisson France – 2018.

Joan Jett will be featured in the upcoming drama, titled Honor Amongst Men. reported the film, which was originally scheduled for release back in 2018, finds the legendary rocker portraying "a desperate, gun-toting drug user named Stephanie in (the) new film centering around a violent biker gang, Satan’s Few, seeking vengeance for a murdered friend."

Joan Jett told us that although there are some that tried to marginalize the Runaways' accomplishments because they were women back in the day — they were among the most credible hard rock bands to come out of L.A. in the '70s: [''Pop singers is completely different from what we do, and what we did. Y'know, what we were doing, even though it obviously touches on sexuality and giving voice to that, for me, it was about showing girls that they had other avenues. It wasn't just about music, but anything. Whether you wanted to be a scientist, you want to be anything that's not what you're expected to do.''] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . expected to do)

Joan Jett on female pop singers :