Is Bruce Springsteen Teasing A ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ Box Set???


Is Bruce Springsteen teasing a Born In The U.S.A. box set??? As many fans have been aware of, a multimedia package for "The Boss'" 1984 blockbuster has been in the works for about half a decade — and now Springsteen is hinting about what fans can expect from him in 2021. reported that while chatting on SiriusXM, Springsteen revealed "I have some projects coming up this year that I won’t tell because it’s going to be a secret then a big surprise but I do have things to keep me busy thus year that will give the fans something to bide their time with."

He went on to say, "I said we gave the fans a record this year, we gave the fans a film this year, the only thing we haven't done is play — let them see the band playing live so when SNL came up we said that's what we ought to do."

Regarding the E Street Band's return to the concert stage, Springsteen remained cautiously optimistic: "If things go according to what Dr. Fauci is projecting, as soon as we can we'll be out there and that might be somewhere in the New Year of 2022. I'm completely projecting because no one really knows but that's what I think, according to all the information that's available at this moment.”

Drummer Max Weinberg reflected on the era-defining 1984-1985 Born In The U.S.A. tour, which spanned the globe over the course of 156 shows: ["The record was a big hit — the ('Dancing In The Dark') video had a lot to do with that. Suddenly, 75 percent of our audience at the concerts were guys — now, it was a preponderance of girls and women at our shows. And Bruce, certainly, turned into a video star; I'm not sure he altogether felt comfortable with that role, but we were on a tour and the tour took on a life of its own. We did about 170 shows all around the world. It was a fabulous experience because we had finally gotten to the place we always wanted to be — in terms of putting on a show, playing big places — it was quite a time."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . quite a time)

Bruce Springsteen has always had his pulse on the life of the common man and even after he attained wealth and fame, he never lost sight of what he believes is the real America. He never set out to be an example because he looks at his achievements as being based mainly on luck: ["In my story I saw in certain places, y'know, 'Local boy makes good,' 'This is the U.S.A. — anybody can do it' — y'know, and that's not true. Hey, hard work can get you someplace, of course it can. And if you're one in a million, maybe y'know, for whatever reasons, you fall into fortune or you pursued it and it happened. But to generalize that story is where things go wrong. Y'know, hard work is not enough. You can ask all the unemployed steel workers."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . unemployed steel workers)

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