Graham Nash Prepping ‘Analysis In Wonderland’ Album


Graham Nash has been spending the pandemic hard at work on his latest solo album. Nash, who just turned 79, is prepping the follow-up to 2016's This Path Tonight, telling Uncut, "I’ve been writing remotely with (guitarist and producer) Shane Fontayne and (keyboardist) Todd Caldwell. There’s five or six currently in the works, as well as a few other ideas on the go. The working title of the album is Analysis In Wonderland. It’s just me commenting on the legacy of (Donald) Trump and where we are as people. One of the things that upset me about the recent election is that more women voted for him than they did in 2016, which I found incredible. Why would any woman like this man? One song is called 'Stars And Stripes,' which is about the disappearance of truth in the Trump administration."

Nash, who released his first solo album, 1971's Songs For Beginners a half-century ago, went on to say, "50 years ago I was singing about things that are still so relevant today. It’s been an interesting life. To my mind, I’m writing exactly as I always have done. I’m 79-years-old and things get a little slower at this age, but that process is still there. I feel something, I investigate and I write. Believe me, I’m having a good time. I wake up every morning and thank God I’m alive!"

Graham Nash is never one to pull punches in regards to politics and social injustices. In a recent interview with Amsterdam's 2 Meter Sessions, Nash — who was born and raised in Britain and became an American citizen in 1978 — explained why he thinks the Republican party has chosen to back Trump and his policies — despite what he believes are their obviously destructive nature: ["What's happening now is the republicans are clinging on to Donald Trump — even though they know that he does awful things, but he is getting their agenda through, so they will put up with him whilst he's getting what they want done. It's not very 'United' right now. There's a division in the people that hate and people that love and Donald Trump has made a line right down the middle and separated everybody — and that's how demagogues rule. It's a very dangerous time for ordinary people."] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . for ordinary people)

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