Genesis In Rehearsals For 2021 Dates


Genesis is currently in rehearsals prepping for the band's spring 2021 dates. posted photos of Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks hanging out in a practice room with their gear, with an inside source stating: "Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins have reunited in London and started rehearsals for the forthcoming The Last Domino? Tour, which starts in April."

The unnamed insider added: "The three old friends are playing together again for the first time since the Turn It On Again: The Tour in 2007. Joined by (Phil's son) Nic Collins on drums, and longtime lead guitar and bass player Daryl Stuermer, they are sounding incredible."

Despite Phil Collins being the best known member of Genesis, serving as both drummer and consummate frontman, he says its really his bandmates who have been the heart of the band: ["Tony and Mike together are more of the spirit of Genesis than me. Y'know it's like people just don't know. They just think the singer is the guy that does it all cause he sings, and that's the link.  And that's always been the problem.  They thought Peter Gabriel did it all, and it really wasn't that way."] SOUNDCUE (:15: OC: . . . wasn't that way)

Mike Rutherford told us that the greatest part of his time in Genesis has been the trading of musical ideas with his bandmates: [“Well, that’s what being in a band’s about, that’s what co-writing is about. Y’know, you don’t want to play with someone else who’s like you. You do what you do, so in a way, I think co-writing — and I’ve always been a natural fit for a bandmember, because you gain something with other people, which you can’t do on your own. That’s really what gets me going. Y’know, that excites me, it’s why I’m in the business, it’s why I do music. The songwriting is really the key. I love playing live, that’s great, but it comes after recording. Y’know, the world is full of wonderful instrumental players and I’m really a guy who writes songs and plays the guitar part for that song.”] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . for that song)

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