Foo Fighters Issue ‘Live On The Radio 1986’ EP


The Foo Fighters have just released their Live On The Radio 1996 EP via Amazon Original. Spin reported the collection features four tracks the band recorded back in '96 when appearing on the syndicated radio show Rockline.

The tracklisting to Live On The Radio 1996 EP is: "How I Miss You," "Up In Arms," "For All The Cows," and "Wattershed."

Longtime bassist Nate Mendel told us a while back what he thinks has been a key to the Foos' longevity: ["Well, one of the things, I think, that's made the band work so well is how we kind of structured it in the beginning and the opportunity we had, because Dave had been in Nirvana, to do things the way we wanted to do it. We didn't have the pressure that a lot of bands do of having to write the hit song. I mean, thankfully Dave's a good songwriter and able to write catchy songs, but we don't have that pressure where you have somebody breathing over your shoulder, and I think that really is something that destroys a lot of bands."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . lot of bands)

Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel On Why The Band Has Lasted So Long :