ELO’s Jeff Lynne Scores Prestigious Royal Honor


At long last, ELO's Jeff Lynne has been saluted by royalty. Lynne received the prestigious OBE (Order of the British Empire) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Lynne said in a statement, 'I am extremely humbled and grateful to be awarded this honour for my services to music. To be recognized for my work is an extraordinary privilege.” Royal honors are awarded twice yearly — on the queen’s official birthday and at new year.

Although Jeff Lynne is about as British as they come — he explained why nearly all of his songs sound as if they're sung by an American: “It's just that when you start, all the records you learn, listen to and learn, they're all singing in this twang — like a dialect. Y'know, it sounds so cool with music put to it. But when you start doing it, like somebody who's very posh or something, it just doesn't have any — it just sounds wrong. So we all tend to go onto the American dialect.”

Jeff Lynne On Singing Like An American :