David Crosby Says Rap Has ‘No Harmony, No Poetry’


David Crosby made no bones about his contempt for rap music on his Twitter feed. A fan, seemingly ignorant to all the music and artists that Crosby does name check and salute in his tweets, wrote, "Croz: I’m a life-long fan, as I’ve stated several times before, & I don’t expect you to take my opinion seriously for that reason or any other, but please don’t be the boomer guy who hates rap. It’s an endlessly versatile and incredible genre ripe with genius."

Crosby answered, "I’m fine with you liking it but I don’t. Really. Bad poetry mouthed inexpertly over bad tracks of other people’s music on melody. No harmony. No poetry. Gets no me."

The twice-inducted Rock Hall icon isn't alone in his thoughts on the genre. During the 2015 press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival for Keith Richards' Netflix documentary, Under The Influence, a journalist tried to tie the blues and rap together, with rap being pitched as a modern form of the blues. Needless to say, Richards wasn't buying it: ["Blues to me also includes music — not just somebody talking to me. (Laughs) Y’know, and it’s as simple as that. For me, I need music. I need notes that change and stuff — it’s as simple as that. It just doesn’t grab me — that’s all. I mean, I don’t wanna knock anything. They’re out there having a great time and loads of people, y’know, love it. I prefer not to hear ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ with a bad drum beat behind it.”] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . beat behind it)

Keith Richards On Why Rap Is Not The Blues :