David Coverdale: Whitesnake’s ‘Love Songs’ Collection A Teaser For Things To Come


Whitesnake is back with The Love Album. The compilation marks the second release in the band’s "Red, White and Blues Trilogy," a string of collections organized by musical themes that kicked off last this summer with The Rock Album (white) and will conclude in 2021 with The Blues Album (blue).
The Love Album features a cross-selection of hits and deep tracks released by the band between 1987 and 2011 across five Whitesnake studio albums and David Coverdale’s third solo album, Into The Light. Included on the set are newly remixed version of such classics as "Here I Go Again" and "Is This Love" — along with the three previously unreleased outtakes from the Into The Light Album sessions: "With All Of My Heart," "Yours For The Asking," and "Let’s Talk It Over."

David Coverdale said in the album's press release: "As most of you know, pretty much all the songs I write are love songs in some way, shape or form. These are some of my favorites. Not all are ballads. Some are out and out rockers with powerful romantic themes — and of course — include heavy breathing in all of them!!"

In a new, exclusive interview, David Coverdale told us that he planned the new "red, white, and blue" series to serve as a sampler to his and Whitesnake's revamped catalogue: ["These are teaser albums, the red, white, and blues trilogy — these are taste of things to come. I said to (my label) Rhino 'Money's really tighter than ever right now. So, the idea of giving them box sets every five weeks, y'know, is just gonna test the patience of any hardcore fan.' So, I said, 'Let's give 'em a taste of what's to come in these box sets.' We released the rock album to great success. They're all the 'best of' tracks, or my favorite tracks — these are very well known members of the Whitesnake family introducing lesser known members of the family that are still quality songs."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . still quality songs)

The tracklisting to Whitesnake's Love Songs is:

"Love Will Set You Free"
"The Deeper The Love"
"All I Want, All I Need"
"Too Many Tears"
"Can’t Go On"
"Is This Love"
"With All Of My Heart" – previously unreleased
"Summer Rain"
"Your Precious Love"
"Now You’re Gone"
"Don’t You Cry"
"Midnight Blue"
"Easier Said Than Done"
"Yours For The Asking" – previously unreleased
"Let’s Talk It Over" – previously unreleased

David Coverdale On Releasing Teaser Albums :