Darius Rucker Says Songwriting, Golf Helped Him Through Quarantine


Like his fellow musicians, Darius Rucker is champing at the bit to get back out on the road. He has been largely spending his quarantine time during the pandemic in Nashville, where he tells us how he is coping during this stressful time. ["The toughest thing is looking at the calendar and not knowing when you're gonna play again. Even if you were off for a month or two months, you always had that date where you know you were gonna start playing shows again, and not having that is tough, and then being home . . . Like everybody else you fight a little bit of depression and everything but I had songwriting to keep me going, plus I started writing this record. That was exciting to me because the songs were so good and I was so happy. Having golf helped me, too. I'm not gonna lie to anybody. If they had shut the golf courses down I'd probably be in the home right now (laughs) but they didn't."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . but they didn't.)

Among the songs that Darius wrote during quarantine is his current single, "Beers & Sunshine," the first release off his upcoming album. The song sits in the Top 15 and climbing on the country charts.

Darius Rucker On Surviving Covid Quarantine :