Crosby, Stills, Young, & Young have just rolled out a new "storytelling" video from the group’s upcoming deluxe version of Déjà Vu coming on May 14th. The new clip spotlights the Stephen Stills outtake "Ivory Tower," which Stills reshaped for the 1973 tune "Little Miss Bright Eyes," that finally was issued on the 2013 solo box set, Carry On.

Back in the day, Stephen Stills shed light on his songwriting process: ["I’ve lived everything I’ve written — or observed it, observed somebody else goin' through those changes. It’s in everybody — those feelings, and those thoughts, and those reflections, and the ability to sing, or paint. But the mass(es) can’t do (it) by themselves. That’s why people love music. That’s why people love art. That’s the reason that there is art."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . there is art)

Stephen Stills On The Role Of The Artist :