Bruce Springsteen's early-'70s surfboard from his Jersey Shore days is now being displayed at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. According to, "The Springsteen surfboard is part of other new artifacts, including a Cleveland Cavaliers rock-themed City Edition uniform; outfits worn by Harry Styles, Laura Jane Grace, and Jidenna, Maline Moye’s guitar, and more."

Back in July, during Springsteen's DJ stint on SiriusXM's From My Home To Yours show, he spoke about the his love for the beach, explaining, "There is nothing like the sea at night when the water is slightly warmer than the air, even though the air is humid after a 95 degree day."

He went on to say, "God, I love swimming at night. It is all darkness and mystery. It is the void and it must be done naked. Clothes at the waterline, please. Do this, and my pilgrim, you will become cleansed. Never will the evening air, or a kiss on the beach, or a dry towel, ever feel so good again. The walk to the car will be filled with starlit grace and you will never forget it. Once you hit the water, you will be covered in the blossoming beauty of your youth no matter how old you are and whoever you're with, you will always remember them."

New Jersey and its legendary shoreline has never be far from Bruce Springsteen's lyrics — especially on his earliest albums. Springsteen always believed that although 1975's Born To Run album is not about the same person — all the stories could definitely be intertwined: ["Born To Run has got that feeling of that one endless summer night. That’s what the record, what the whole record feels like. It could all be taking place in the course of one evening in all these different locations, y’know? All these different stories on one, sort of, long summer night.”] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . long summer night)

Bruce Springsteen On ‘Born To Run’ Being One Summer Night :