Brian Johnson Calls AC/DC ‘Unfinished Business’


AC/DC's music is no stranger to the NFL, which only underscores why the band would promote its upcoming album on the NFL Network's Good Morning Football show. Guitarist Angus Young skyped in from Sydney, Australia and frontman Brian Johnson was live from London.

Johnson shed light on the recent Power Up recording sessions and what it felt like to be back recording with the band after a five-year break since their last album: ["There's nothing like unfinished business to finish. And, y'know, we went into the studio and the old magic was there and just that old bond of, y'know, guys that've been together for 40 years."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . for 40 years)

Angus and Johnson were asked their personal thoughts on American football: ["(Angus Young): All I know is there's a lot of big guys. Y'know, they're Herman Munster-size (laughter), y'know what I mean? They're about nine-feet-tall, y'know? They're all pretty big fellas and it's a bit Star Wars in a little way with the big helmets (laughter) and all that equipment goin' and you go, 'They really do look like gladiators when they're going at it. (Brian Johnson): I like the. . .  it is and excitin' game. Y'know, these guys are just all pumped up when they're playin'. It's an amazin' game."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . an amazin' game) 

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