Bonus Tracks For ‘McCartney III’ Revealed


Fans are eagerly awaiting the bonus tracks featured on the assorted colored vinyl versions of Paul McCartney's McCartney III, which drops on Friday (December 18th.) The Daily Beatle got its hands on a pre-release Japanese import that features four of the tracks on the official CD, with fans expecting the recordings will be spread out among the various vinyl releases.

The bonus tracks for McCartney III are:

"Women And Wives" (Studio Outtake)
"Lavatory Lil" (Studio Outtake)
"The Kiss Of Venus" (Phone Demo)
"Slidin’" (Düsseldorf Jam) — featuring touring bandmates Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel, Jr.

During a recent chat with NBC's Today, McCartney was asked if early on his grandchildren had any idea how popular and recognizable he was: ["No, they didn't. Y'know, I say, 'People come to see me!' (Laughter) 'People pay to come and see me — I'm famous!' (They say) 'Yeah, yeah, we're watching TV.' They gradually get the fame thing. They get, like, people always wanting a photo of me — but they're very. . . they're very cool with it."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . cool with it)

Paul McCartney On His Grandkids :