Angus Young Picks Definitve AC/DC Album


Angus Young has named his favorite AC/DC album. transcribed the legendary guitarist's chat with Swiss radio station SRF 3, in which he revealed, "Let There Be Rock, for me, is the album. The reason why I like Let There Be Rock is because my brother, George (Young), who was producing it — he had me and (our brother) Malcolm — he was sitting with us and he said, 'What sort of album do you wanna do this time?' And Malcolm just looked at me, and he said, 'We just want an album that's just gonna be pure hard rock guitar.'"

Angus went on to explain, "And I thought that was great because everyone else in the world was into whole other genres. There was punk music, there was New Wave. . . It was all this other stuff that was coming out, and I just thought, 'This is pure magic.' And that album defined AC/DC in my eyes. That's when I went, 'This is a great band.'"

Angus Young told us a while back that he and the band's original frontman, Bon Scott, got along so well because they shared the same sense of humor and both had rebellious streaks: ["Well, Bon was just. . . he was just one of those people. We have a tendency to laugh a lot about. . . things that go on. Y'know, Bon was the same. And I think if you're playing rock n' roll, there's just a streak of rebellion in you, y'know?" SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . you, you know)

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