Alice Cooper Drops Second New Track From ‘Detroit Stories’


Alice Cooper has dropped the second track from his upcoming Bob Ezrin-produced Detroit Stories collection — a cover of Outrageous Cherry‘s 2005 tune, “Our Love Will Change The World.” Detroit Stories will be released on February 26th, featuring contributions from MC5‘s Wayne Kramer, the Detroit Wheels' Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, and the Motor City Horns — best known for their work with Bob Seger.

Cooper spoke about the new cover, admitting, “I think 'Our Love Will Change The World’ is one of the oddest songs I’ve ever done and it was one that came to us by somebody else, another Detroit writer. And it was so strange, because it was happy and what it was saying was anything but happy — it was simply a great juxtaposition. And I got it immediately and said. 'Okay, this is going to be great.' The music saying one thing and the lyrics saying something else, I love that song. It is totally different from anything else on the album.”

Alice Cooper told us that opposed to his infamous image back in the 1970's — he hasn't been considered dangerous or outside the mainstream for years: “I'll be walking down the street — 'Hey, Coop! How's it going, man? How's the game? How's your swing? Hey, love the album!' I used to be the outer fringe. I think 'Alice' now is woven in as much as Simon & Garfunkel, as much as Tom Petty, as much as anybody that's in the fabric of American music. I'm Americana.”

Alice Cooper Says He’s As Mainstream As Any Other Performer These Days :