Trenton Telephone Company Ending TVN Linear Television Service in December


According to a letter sent out by Trenton Telephone Company to their TVN linear television subscribers, after analyzing costs and benefits, Trenton Telephone Company has made the difficult decision to end their television services at the end of the year on December 29th. The workers are also customers who hate to have to end this product. A number of companies like TVN are ending linear television services as well. Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative discontinued their television services on Sand Mountain several months ago.

This is correlated to the rising costs that these companies pay for the programming for these services. Costs of modernizing and maintaining television product as well as a rise in the cost of local retransmission would have a direct effect on the quality of product provided. Consumers also are drifting more toward internet streaming. Moving away from linear television gives TVN a more focused approach toward the internet services offered to their consumers.

TVN, one of the premier internet providers in the area, is currently expanding services throughout the county, offering their gig internet to families and businesses. There are several streaming options for TVN customers such as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and Direct TV Streaming. Those who do not currently have gig internet can inquire about TVN’s product on their website, here. All those with questions or concerns are welcome to speak to representatives at the Trenton Telephone office.

TVN also expresses their appreciation for all their TV customers.

The letter sent out to TVN linear television subscribers can be read below:

Trenton Telephone Company has made the decision to exit the linear television market. We have conducted months of careful analysis of the costs and benefits of continuing television programming in a rapidly changing video marketplace. In the final determination, the cost of modernizing and maintaining our television product, coupled with the raising local retransmission cost, has made continuing the business line of TV economically unsustainable. Trenton Telephone Company will cease all video operations on December 29th, 2023. We appreciate the years of loyalty and cooperation we have received from our valued customers. If you have any questions, please call our office at 706-657-4367.