Mayor Says City of Trenton is Working with Dade County on Animal Shelter


There wasn’t much discussion during the October meeting of the Trenton City Council, which had been moved to a non-typical Tuesday due to holiday. The meeting lasted only 15 minutes.

Mayor Alex Case, along with Parks & Recreation Commissioner Terry Powell did, however, make the statement that the City was working with Dade County to finish the long-discussed Animal Shelter project. “We want to work really hard with the County, and they’ve committed to it as well,” said Case.

To remind Trenton and Dade County voters, a new/renovated Animal Shelter was originally presented on the July 15, 2008 SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) budget; which was voted on, approved and put into effect July 1, 2009. $200,000 was approved by the voters to be used to complete the project. According to Don Townsend, Dade County’s Chief Financial Officer & County Clerk, the Animal Shelter project was added in referendums and approved on the following 2 SPLOST votes, as well.

Commissioner Powell, after the meeting, assured that new blueprints are being considered for a building of a new shelter. Mayor Case stated that the 13 acres of land behind the transfer station is where they are considering constructing the new shelter. There was no time frame given for the start of the project.

According to Don Townsend, the County currently has no specific amount allocated for the project.

Watch the meeting on the KWN News Now Facebook page here: October Trenton City Meeting

by Orey Yates