Local Outage Disrupts Internet and Phone Services


UPDATE 11:15 am – From TVN – As of 11:12 Internet should be back up if you are still experiencing issues please call the office e at 706-657-4367

UPDATE 11:00 am – phones and internet are operational in most places. Internet may take a little longer to restore in some areas.



In an unexpected turn of events, a county-wide outage has temporarily inconveniced communication. As of the latest update at 10:00 am, phone services have been restored, but internet connectivity remains elusive. Residents are advised to stay tuned for further updates on the internet situation.

The disruption prompted local authorities to issue an alternative contact number, (423) 413-5849, for non-emergency calls. It is crucial to note that attempting to dial 911 from a landline will be ineffective during this outage. Instead, citizens are urged to utilize the backup number (423) 413-5849 for any emergencies.

For matters concerning the jail and Sheriff’s Office, residents are advised to reach out to 706-944-0400.

Regrettably, Trenton Telephone has not provided an estimated timeline for the full restoration of services. The community is encouraged to remain patient as technicians work diligently to resolve the issue.

Dade County EMA will provide any new information becomes available. Stay connected, and thank you for your understanding during this temporary disruption.