Wolfgang Van Halen: Van Halen Too Dysfunctional For Tribute Show


Wolfgang Van Halen feels that due to the dysfunction within the Van Halen camp he's opting out of any official tributes to his father with the band. In a new chat with Classic Rock, Wolfgang went into detail regarding the long-rumored salute to his late-dad, Eddie Van Halen: "When it comes to Van Halen and entities surrounding the band it’s unfortunate, certainly compared to Foo Fighters who have their s***together with inter-personal relationships. I don’t know what it is with some bands but certain personalities just can’t get over themselves to work collectively for one purpose — that’s been the curse of Van Halen for its entire career."

He went on to say, "My playing at the Taylor shows delivered that catharsis without the stresses of dealing with the Van Halen camp, and the players involved. Their camp is very dysfunctional — everyone! — hell, it was difficult to make plans even when the band was active."

When asked about Sammy Hagar's recent comments where he claimed he would love to play Van Halen songs as part of a possible tribute, Wolf answered: "He said that, but he also said he wouldn’t. Sammy said two different things. No. . .  I feel that I’ve said my piece, and if the Taylor concerts are all that happens then I’m happy with that."

A while back, while still battleing his ex-bandmates, Sammy Hagar spoke about the dysfunction that existed within Van Halen — particularly between leaders Eddie and Alex Van Halen: ["They can't get it together. Y'know, they can't. I was there. I saw it. Eddie doesn't matter if he's clean and sober, like they. . . even if he is, too much damage. They're just too wacky. They're so out of it. And it could be cool, time warpy, if they were the original band and everybody was on the same page."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . the same page)


On October 3rd, Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted a message to fans announcing that work on the second Mammoth WVH album was about to begin. He took time out to reflect on the loss of his father, the late, great Eddie Van Halen:

As I'm getting ready to start tracking the 2nd MAMMOTH album tomorrow (I've been in pre-production the past month) I can't stop thinking about this moment and how he won't be around for it this time. I'm still not used to it. I don't know when or if I'll ever get used to it.

On December 28, 2014, I was getting ready to start tracking what would become the first Mammoth album. I had been practicing drums in the studio when Pop came in, grabbed my bass and started jamming with me. It was so much fun. It’s little moments like these I feel I took for granted. Moments that I can’t have anymore.”

It'll be 2 years in 3 days and I don't feel any different. All of these emotions just kinda sitting in me at all times. Sometimes it's easier to carry, other times (like right now) it isn't. His pride is what keeps me going, but without him here it's easy to get lost. Easy to get stuck in my head. Easy to fall into that familiar cycle of doubt and self-loathing.

Somehow, I've figured out how to keep going. Music is all I have left when it comes to feeling close to him anymore. But knowing he won't be here this time to laugh, jam and hang throughout the whole process is tough now that I've gotten here. All I can do is try my best and continue to be the son he was proud of.

I just miss my dad.

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