Tommy Lee Broke His Ribs Falling Down Stairs While Carrying Luggage


She how DID Tommy Lee break those four ribs, anyway??? Well fans finally got their answer from Lee's wife, Brittany Furlan, who posted a snapchat video revealing how the legendary drummer hobbled himself — only days before launching the biggest stadium tour of the summer with Motley Crue.

Blabbermouth transcribed some of Furlan's chat, which reads in part:

"Everyone keeps asking how Tommy broke his ribs, so I'm just gonna tell you. We were staying at an old rental house in Nashville. It was a cool, old quirky house. But the stairs outside were made out of stones, and they were really uneven, and the roots were pushing them up from the tree. And everything was fine. I actually fell up the stairs a few times getting groceries, but whatever."

She added: "So, the day that we were leaving Nashville, our driver came and we had all this luggage and he wasn't helping us; he just stayed in the car. And so Tommy was trying to carry all of our luggage for us. And he fell down these crazy stairs and broke — broke — four ribs. Not fractured, not bruised — broke. And it was crazy, 'cause I came out and he couldn't breathe. It was really scary. He was on the ground (and) he was gasping for air. And he got on a plane that day still and went and did the rest of rehearsals (for the tour) in Pennsylvania."

Furlan went on to say, "He went to the hospital in Pennsylvania when we landed and they were, like, 'You have four broken ribs.' And they wanted to keep him there, but they he did not wanna stay. And he's just a fighter. He's the toughest guy I know. I mean, look at all his tattoos; he just really fights through the pain.'"