The Rolling Stones React To Charlie Watts Sitting Out Fall Tour


The Rolling Stones have individually broken their silence on social media over drummer Charlie Watts sitting out of the band's fall tour dues to an unspecified illness. Keith Richards' longtime collaborator and drummer, Steve Jordan will fill in for Watts throughout the 13-city tour.

Keith Richards said, "This has been a bit of a blow to all of us, to say the least. And we’re all wishing for Charlie to have a speedy recovery and to see him as soon as possible. Thank you to Steve Jordan for joining us in the meantime."

Mick Jagger added: "We really look forward to welcoming Charlie back as soon as he is fully recovered. Thank you to our friend Steve Jordan for stepping in, so we can still play all the shows for you this fall

Ron Wood posted: "I will miss Charlie on our upcoming tour, but he told me the show must go on! I’m really looking forward to Charlie getting back on stage with us as soon as he’s fully recovered. A huge thank you to the band’s old friend Steve Jordan for rockin' on in Charlie’s place, and on his drum seat for the Autumn tour."

Not too long ago, Keith Richards told us that when the Stones come together to rehearse, they actually create a separate palpable energy: ["There's always that feeling, y'know, when you've got the band in one room; there's Mick, I'm here, y'know, there's Ron, and there's Charlie. Okay, where's the, y'know, and you realize that really is it. You're always looking at the magic ingredient and you realize it's there between yourselves. It's already in the room. He doesn't have a name, we don't pay 'im nuttin'! (laughs)"] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . pay 'im nuttin')

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