The Rolling Stones Earning Big Bucks With Upcoming Band Mini-Series


The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have reportedly scored a major payday for the use of their music and likeness in the upcoming series based on the group's early days. The Daily Mail reported the series — produced in conjunction with the Stones — will earn "The Glimmer Twins" a combined $61.5 million.

The limited-series, which has been ordered by FX for two seasons, is the first time the band has allowed their music to be used for such a production. The series will spotlight the Stones' first dozen years, spanning 1962 to 1974. No casting has been announced with production set to start in 2024.

According to an inside source: "The Stones see this series as being their legacy. When they can't tour any more, this will remain alongside the music. It's a bit like ABBA and their (digital performance) Abbatars.

Keith Richards explained that the mission for the Stones forming 60-years-ago was in an attempt to turn as many people as possible on to the blues: ["That was the whole point, I think, and the Rolling Stones, when they started, were, like, fanatically idealistic that other people should know about the blues. And if we can just make a small contribution into letting people know that there is this music out there. It is fascinating and it's black and it comes basically from (laughs) Africa — y'know, originally — and how it integrated in society and America."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . society and America)

The Rolling Stones perform tonight (June 13th) in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Johan Cruijff Arena.

Keith Richards On The Rolling Stones And The Blues :