The Go-Go’s Doc Coming To Blu-Ray


The self-titled Go-Go's 2020 career-spanning documentary is set for Blu-ray release on February 5th. The critically acclaimed Alison Eastwood film chronicles the L.A.'s band from the city's punk scene all the way to the upper reaches of the Billboard charts, while delving in to their ugly split and eventual reunions.

Belinda Carlisle is but one of rock's great rags-to-riches stories, going from on the streets of the Sunset Strip to global superstardom: ["We formed the Go-Go's in 1978, broke up the band in 1984. We wrote our own material and played it and it was a 'Cinderella' story. We started from nothing and didn't know how to play our instruments and went to the top."] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . to the top)

Guitarist Jane Wiedlin shed light on the magic component that's always made the Go-Go's stand apart from the pack: ["I would say one thing about the Go-Go's songwriting is there's always two qualities going on at the same time. It's either, sort of, sunny music with dark lyrics or optimistic lyrics with slightly bitter sounding music. We always have those two things, and if one's missing it doesn't sound like the Go-Go's. So you notice it in more songs more than others but it's always been this weird little formula that we do naturally"] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . we do naturally)

Jane Wiedlin On The Go-Go’s Musical_Formula :

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