Styx Fans Petition For Rock Hall Induction


A legion of Styx fans have started an online petition urging the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to finally induct the band. Styx has been eligible for induction into the Rock Hall since 1997, and its fans are realizing that with other prog and AOR heavyweights finally gaining entry, Styx's chances are getting better every year.

Among the key points raised in the petition are:

Styx was the first musical act to be certified by the RIAA as achieving four consecutive multi-platinum albums.

Styx also achieved 35 songs on the Billboard music charts. Which includes nine songs on Billboard’s Top 10 as well as 21 songs in the Top 40. It’s important to note that Styx achieved Top 10 hits in three different decades.

Styx was awarded a People’s Choice Award for the song "Babe," as well as being voted the "Most Popular Band" in a U.S. Gallop Poll.   

Styx’ influence and achievements in rock music can also be seen by their place in pop culture, with the songs "Mr. Roboto" and "Come Sail Away" being featured in movies, TV shows, and TV commercials — (including) commercials for Volkswagen, TV shows South Park, Freaks And Geeks, That 70’s Show, Mr. Robot, the movies Big Daddy and The Perfect Man — as well as countless soundtracks.

Despite having no ongoing relationship with Tommy Shaw and J.Y. Young, who lead the current version of the band, founding frontman Dennis DeYoung told us he sees good things ahead regarding Styx and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: ["They've changed their attitude toward music that was created in the '70s that was not only wildly popular, but had the audacity to last so they couldn't write it off as a flash in the pan — because it isn't and it wasn't. So, that's cool. If it happens, it'll be wondrous and I. . . here's my prediction, should it happen, we will all be standing on that stage and we will be performing together."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . be performing together)

To sign the Styx Rock Hall petition, log on to:

Styx performs tonight (August 6th) in Augusta, Georgia at the Bell Auditorium

Dennis DeYoung will next perform on November 11th in Quebec City, QC at Le Grand Theatre De Quebec.

Dennis DeYoung On Styx Rock Hall Reunion :