Steve Miller Grateful To Finally Be Back On The Road


The Steve Miller Band are clearly reveling in being able to play long and loud after sitting things out while the pandemic shut down all road work.

We caught up with Steve Miller who feels that the long time away from touring has sparked a new level of commitment and fun from the band: ["We're right in the middle of a real (laughs) creative surge — everything's up for grabs on the table. It's new guitar amps, new this, new that, new pedals, new effects, y'know — new lights. The shows have been just a delight. I don't know what happened but two-and-a-half years off (laughs) was just what I needed (laughs). It's like tap-dancing through a minefield, y'know with covid. I mean, I'm just so excited about playing guitar, it's nuts. So, I'm very thankful to be — and the band is very thankful — to be playing and we're playing with a lot of joy, so that's really special."] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC: . . .  that's really special)

Steve Miller On Being Back On The Road Post Covid :