Steve Howe Of Yes Has Released ‘Motif Volume 2’


Just released on Friday, (November 24th), “Motif…Volume 2,” a second collection of acoustic solo performances by Yes guitar Steve Howe. Released on his own Howesound label, “…Volume 2” follows 2008's “Motif” with 16 songs — 14 of them new compositions plus fresh takes on “Mood For a Day” from Yes' “Fragile” album in 1971 and “Beginnings” from Howe's 1975 solo album of the same name. Howe tells us that the “Motif” projects allow him to stretch out beyond what he's best known for in Yes as well as the supergroup Asia:

“'Motif…Volume 2' is in the works, but like 'Motif' 1 it has new compositions, so I don't like to put these out with just re-recordings of my other or improved or official studio recordings of my music that already exists. But I put some new tunes in as well, which is really exciting for me 'cause I really like them.” :22 OC: I really like them

“Motif…Volume 2” is Howe's first solo album since “Love Is” in 2020.
Howe and Yes also released a new album, “Mirror to the Sky,” in May, the band's second studio album in 19 months.

Yes resumes its Classic Tales of Yes tour on May 23 in Manchester, England, with another run of North American dates expected later in the year.