Sammy Hagar Feels A Responsibility To Play Van Halen Music


Sammy Hagar admits that with the passing of Eddie Van Halen, he feels the pull from fans to perform Van Halen material. Hagar, who's currently on the road with the Circle — which features Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony — told Southgate, Michigan's News-Herald that the "Van Hagar" catalogue is still very much in demand: "I’m shocked that no matter what Van Halen song we play, no matter how deep the cut, (fans) are (reacting) like it’s a Number One single. We can do, like, 'Amsterdam' (from 1995’s Balance album) and they’re singing along like it was on the radio all the time."

He went on to say, "When people love that music that much and we’re the guys who did it and we’re still around, then, yeah, we have that responsibility to play it for them."

Regarding a possible Van Halen tribute concert or tour, Hagar admitted he was still on the fence, but explained, "I’m so happy with everything I’m doing now, I don’t think I’d go back there. Maybe if Alex (Van Halen) was interested, it might be something to talk about, with him and Mikey and a superstar guitar player. But it’s really not Van Halen without Eddie, so. . . I just don’t know."

Sammy Hagar & The Circle with George Thorogood & The Destroyers perform tonight (August 24) at Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center.

The Circle's new album, Crazy Times, drops on September 30th.