Roger Daltrey Urges Support For Sidelned Music Industry Workers


Roger Daltrey fears that the entire music industry — and its wide range of careers and services — will be forever shut down unless quick relief comes to its workers. The Who frontman took time out to appear on “In the Coop” web series with Fustercluck co-founder and activist, Keith Levenson to talk about the pandemic woes killing the industry.

Fustercluck productions is primarily a music parody company that's raising awareness and money for MusiCares to help the over 12 million live entertainment workers and their families.

Roger Daltrey shed light on the dire situation the entertainment industry is facing for the foreseeable future: “I really do feel strongly that they've got to do something to get musicians back to work. And more than just musicians; the whole of the music business — the entertainment industry. The roadies, the truck drivers, the coach drivers, y'know, the sound men, the lighting men. There's millions of people involved here. And they're self-employed, getting nothing from the government! So, we've got to do something — but what I don't know. If we can get everybody to buy a t-shirt, two t-shirts — maybe 10 t-shirts for Christmas, you'll be making some money for them, which'll be great!”

IN THE COOP – Roger Daltrey On Supporting The Music Industry :