Robert Plant Still Not Open For Led Zeppelin Reunion


Robert Plant is still not open for a Led Zeppelin reunion. Although currently on tour with Alison Krauss and enjoying the success of their recent hit collaboration, Raise The Roof, Zeppelin fans still clamor for just one more reunion. Plant spoke to The Los Angeles Times and was asked about a return to Zeppelin, to which he explained, "Going back to the font to get some kind of massive applause — it doesn’t really satisfy my need to be stimulated."

Despite the December 2007 one-off Zeppelin reunion in London featuring himself, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham filling in for his late dad John Bonham, Plant has been the lone hold-out in committing to a full-on reunion. Several of the industries' top promoters have essentially offered the band a blank check should they commit to any number of road dates.

He went on to say "I know there are people from my generation who don’t want to stay home and so they go out and play. If they’re enjoying it and doing what they need to do to pass the days, then that’s their business, really."

Regarding his legendary vocal prowess and how it's aged, Plant revealed, "I know that the full, open-throated falsetto that I was able to concoct in 1968 carried me through until I was tired of it. Then that sort of exaggerated personality of vocal performance morphed and went somewhere else. But as a matter of fact, I was playing in Reykjavík, in Iceland, about three years ago, just before Covid. It was Midsummer Night and there was a festival, and I got my band and I said, 'OK, let’s do 'Immigrant Song.'' They’d never done it before. We just hit it, and bang — there it was. I thought, 'Oh, I didn’t think I could still do that.'"

Robert Plant admitted that no matter what he does, there will always be a cross-section of fans that rate it against his work with Led Zeppelin: ["The Led Zeppelin myth has been extended now by the mission and the cult. And so, everybody goes, 'Oh, but Zeppelin was much better than that.' Maybe it'll happen to me, too, but I've kind of taken the essence of Zeppelin, and I am the singer of Led Zeppelin. And I've taken the essence of the changes of Led Zeppelin and brought it up to date. So, I could never, ever hope to top it. I could never expect to be taken as. . . taken to the hearts of people quite like Led Zeppelin was, because I'm only a part of it."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . a part of it)

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