Robert Plant: Next Alison Krauss Team-Up Won’t Take Another 14 Years


Robert Plant promises fans will not have long for his and Alison Krauss' third album. The pair has reunited with producer T-Bone Burnett for their second set, Raise The Roof, which drops on November 19th. The album marks the long-awaited followup to the duo's 2007 Grammy Award-winning Raising Sand collection, that helped bring Americana music into millions of new households.

Plant told The Guardian, "You can’t wait 14 years to try to get it right and then put it under the couch and say: 'Well, that was good.' You’ve gotta shout it out and raise the roof." He went on to joke about his and Krauss' unique, left-field partnership, saying, "We’re like Mork And Mindy. . . I can’t wait (another) 14 years. Otherwise it’s going to be a bit dicey for me."

He went on to say, "Alison and I have something — theoretically — to live up to, as far as how it worked out before. But the most important thing to do was maintain a really interesting variety of sources of song. Because what do we do in our quietest times, when we have a music machine? We go to places that really, really make us feel good."

Plant, whose first collaboration with Krauss coincided with the runaway success of Led Zeppelin's one-off 2007 concert  reunion in London, added, "None of this music is rock, it’s not about power and posture. How remarkable for me to be able to jump ship so long ago now. But I have a jetpack on my back in case I want to go back."

Raising Sand and Raise The Roof producer T-Bone Burnett was sure that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss would click immediately: ["I know Alison's adventurous, and I didn't know Robert until we started working together. But, I've certainly followed him and I knew that he was adventurous, and I knew they were both interested in the history of music. So I suspected we could find common ground pretty easily."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . ground pretty easily)

T-Bone Burnett On Robert Plant And Alison Krauss Being Musically Adventurous :