Ringo Starr Still Feels Blessed After 40 Years Of Marriage


Nearly 40 years after marrying actress Barbara Bach Ringo Starr remains dedicated, deeply in love, and still feeling blessed. Ringo spoke to RTE.com and shed light on the couple meeting just prior to co-starring in the 1981 prehistoric comedy, Caveman: "I love the woman. I loved her from when I first saw her at LAX in 1980. She was at the airport with a boyfriend and I was at the airport checking in, and we happened to be going to Mexico to do the same movie. And that’s how it happened. Not like it was a big plan. It was just, 'OK, here we go.'"

Ringo, who has been inseparable from the 007 Bond girl from 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me, explained, "We get on real well together, relax together. Of course, some days, I don’t do it properly. My room’s not tidy. I mean, regular s*** that goes down in any couple that has been together a long time. But I’m blessed she’s in my life, that’s all I can ever say."

In 1981 Ringo appeared on NBC's The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder and talked about how he and Barbara Bach became an item: ["Well, we met once before we started the movie, and then we went down to Mexico to do this movie. So, for two months, we said, 'Hello' — we'd drive to the set, we'd drive, we'd drive back, we'd have dinner, y'know, just everyone just mingling in. And we had a party in the suite I had on the hotel one night. And we said 'hello,' — and since then, we've said 'hello' ever morning (laughs). And then we didn't leave each other from that night. You can't fight lightnin'."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . can't fight lightnin')

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach married in London on April 27th, 1981. The event marked their first time the three surviving Beatles appeared in public together following John Lennon's murder the previous December.

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