Ringo Starr & Peter Frampton Back In The Studio


Longtime friends and frequent collaborators Ringo Starr and Peter Frampton spent part of last weekend back in the studio together. Frampton posted a couple of Instagram shots of he and Ringo at the former-Beatle's Rockabella West home studio in L.A. There was no mention as to what the pair was recording.

Ringo and Frampton met back in 1970 during the sessions for George Harrison's 1970 collection, All Things Must Pass, with the pair playing on each other's albums over the years, and Frampton taking part in Ringo's 1997/1998 All Starr Band tour. In 2017 the two teamed up on the song "Laughable" from Ringo's album, Give More Love.

Last July 7th, in honor of Ringo's 80th birthday, the virtual "Big Birthday Show," featured Frampton performing a newly recorded cover of Ringo's first solo hit, 1971's "It Don't Come Easy."

Peter Frampton recalled to us that the long shadow of the disastrous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film has at times shown itself in some comedic situations. ["Well, I was with Ringo (Starr) — 'cause I know them, except for John (Lennon) — I never met John — but I've known them all since the very early-'70s and Ringo got me to do a couple of tours of duty with All Starr Band, which was phenomenal. So, I got interviewed and Ringo was in the room (laughs) and so, the journalist said, 'How do you feel about your version of Sgt. Pepper's and the movie?' And I didn't say a word, and Ringo just said (imitates Ringo) 'Oh, we don't talk about that.' (Laughs) And I thought — 'Thank you! (laughs)"] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . .  thought thank you (laughs))

Peter Frampton On ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Movie And Ringo Starr :