Ringo Starr Busy Prepping New EP


Fans can expect some new music from Ringo Starr, thanks to an Instagram update featuring a studio selfie taken by Ringo reflected in his drum kit's bass drum. Ringo wrote: "I’m having a great time in the studio I love my bass drum mike (sic) I’m in the middle of an EP peace and love."

Last October, Ringo released his 20th solo studio album, titled What's My Name — a tip of the hat to the Beatles drummer's long time in-concert shout-out to the audience. The highlight of the new set features him and Paul McCartney teaming up on one of John Lennon's final songs, "Grow Old With Me," which was originally released in 1984 in demo form on the posthumous Lennon album, Milk And Honey.

2019's What's My Name marked Ringo's fifth time behind the boards, having produced 2010's Y Not, its followup Ringo 2012, and 2015's Postcards From Paradise, and 2017's Give More Love. Ringo told us that only now does he feel fully confident as a producer: [“I’m more dialed in. Y’know, I’ve done it now, y’know, I was a little insecure when I was produced the first one, ‘cause I hadn’t done it before. Y’know, the more you do something, the more you know how to do it.”] SOUNDCUE (:11 OC: . . . to do it)

Ringo Starr On Being An Experienced Producer :