Report: The Beatles ‘ ‘Let It Be’ Box Set Coming In October


Details are slim, but famed Beatles insider and former director of Apple Films, Tony Bramwell, posted a simple message on his Facebook page, which reads: "Let It Be or whatever it is, 5 disc box set – Release date October15th! But don't quote me!"

So far there's been no confirmation, although there have been whispers about an announcement happening on August 25th. Unconfirmed rumors suggest the package will contain engineer Glyn John's spring 1969 mix of the band's original scrapped Get Back album, along with a new mix of the Let It Be album by Giles Martin.

Ringo Starr is set to appear on on Thursday (August 12th) to make some sort of announcement — although new Beatles projects are usually announced via press releases.

John Lennon recalled that towards the end of the Beatles run, the energy that once drove the band had greatly diminished: ["I just made the records with the Beatles like one goes to one's job at nine in the morning. Y'know, Paul, or whoever, would say, 'It's time to make a record.' I'd just go in and make a record, y'know, and not think too much about it. I would enjoy the session if it was a good session, y'know, if we got our rocks off playing it was fine. If it was a drag it was a drag. It had become a job."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . become a job)

John Lennon On The Beatles Being A Job :