Rare 1980 Lennon Photos Surface, McCartney Posts ‘Classical’ Spotify Playlist


More than a few Beatles fans minds were blown with the release of previously unseen photos from John Lennon's historic June 1980 sailing trip to Bermuda. The journey, in which Lennon's boat plowed through a horrific storm — leaving Lennon the only member of the crew well enough to steer the boat — led to his creative renaissance in which he completed the songs for his final album, Double Fantasy. The photo spread is part of the booklet for the new Sean Lennon-produced Lennon compilation, Gimme Some Truth: The Ultimate Mixes, set for release on October 9th — what would have been the late-Beatle's 80th birthday.

The new shots feature Lennon between June 4th and 11th, 1980 on board the Megan Jaye, which sailed from Newport, Rhode Island's Newport Harbor to St. George's Harbour in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Only hours before his death on December 8th, 1980, John Lennon told RKO Radio that he felt the way the world viewed itself was clearly out of whack: ["I don't believe that media are separate from society. I don't believe politicians are separate from society. I don't believe pop stars, football players, and movie stars are separate from society. It's just that we've developed this thing that for whatever reason, that we're broken up into these fragmented pieces; countries, races, sexes. It's a joke! It's as Neanderthal as the political system. I can't say what it should be, y'see, because I can only say: 'I don't believe in that stuff.'"] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . in that stuff)


Paul McCartney has just posted a new 10-song Spotify playlist on his official PaulMcCartney.com site. Every month McCartney posts a new "Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket" tracklisting featuring a specific theme — with September spotlighting some choice selections pulled from his nearly 30-year catalogue of classical works.

The selections come from such critically acclaimed projects as 1991's Liverpool Oratorio; 1997's Standing Stone; 1999's Working Classical; 2006's Ecce Cor Meum.

The recordings feature performances by the Lomna Nar Quartet, Academy of St. Martin In The Fields, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Soloists include Willard White and the late-Jerry Hadley.

Paul McCartney credits the Beatles' producer George Martin for turning him on to the world of classical music following his arrangement of the band's 1965 classic "Yesterday": ["And so I did 'Eleanor Rigby' — and started getting more interested. And then, as it went on, things like 'She's Leaving Home' — 'Live And Let Die' as it went on, it was often this 'big orchestra' to be sort of talked to and be reckoned with, and I always enjoyed the experience."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . enjoyed the experience)

Paul McCartney's "Relaxation" Spotify playlist for August:

"She's My Baby – Working Classical
"Movement III: Musica" – Ecce Cor Meum
"Movement II – School 'We're Here In School Today To Get A Perfect Education'" – Liverpool Oratorio
"Somedays" – Woking Classical
"Meditation. Contemplativo" – Standing Stone
"Crystal Ship. Con moto scherzando" – Standing Stone
"Movement VI – Work Allegro Energico" –  Liverpool Oratorio
"Movement I: Spiritus" – Ecce Cor Meum
"Movement III – Crypt 'I Used To Come Here When This Place Was A Crypt'" – Liverpool Oratorio
"My Love" –
Working Classical

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