Quick Takes: Paul McCartney & Beck, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne

  • Just released is Beck's video for his remix of Paul McCartney's "Find A Way." The track, which is featured on the McCartney III Reimagined collection, spotlights Beck dancing his way through an at times psychedelic hotel hallway, in full deep-fake McCartney face using Beatles-era photos and footage.


  • Lindsey Buckingham has dropped "On The Wrong Side" — the second new track from his upcoming self-titled solo album due out on September 17th. Buckingham posted about the tune on Instagram, writing, "'On The Wrong Side' is about the peaks and valleys of life on the road with Fleetwood Mac, and sports one of the album’s most thought-provoking lyrics: 'We were young, now we’re old / Who can tell me which is worse?' The song evokes 'Go Your Own Way,' in that it’s not a happy song, subject-matter wise, but it was an ebullient song musically. This was sort of the same idea."


  • Out today (July 23rd) is Jackson Browne's first new studio album in six years, Downhill From Everywhere. Browne, who battled back from Covid last year, chatted to Mojo and explained that in the grand scope of things, life as we know it seems to be pretty much as it always was: "Not that much has changed since the '60s and '70s, but all through history people have tried to create social change. It's just that now, time is running out. . . Life is longer than you think it is and is full of surprises. I basically know nothing. I knew nothing before and I know nothing now."